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Ibex's Emotional Courage Set

Slumberkins Inc.

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Set Includes: Fully-stuffed Kin plush + 2 Books in gift packaging

Ibex supports Emotional Courage!

The books introduce new concepts and lessons while the Ibex plush toy brings them to life as a tangible reminder.

 Ibex is for:

-Identifying emotions

- Encouraging the acceptance and expression of a wide range of emotions

 - Learning coping strategies for intense feelings

- Deeply feeling and highly sensitive children 

-Gifts for baby showers, birthdays or holidays!

Introduction Book: Ibex Greets His Feelings instills a positive core beliefs towards emotions by encouraging kids to acknowledge and welcome their feelings as they come. It shows that emotions are a strength.

Lesson Book: Ibex Feels Deeply teaches emotional skills for understanding that it is normal to feel emotions intensely and that this ability makes them a leader. It helps kids develop tools to manage strong emotions constructively.

Machine washable, Air dry. 100% Polyester. Stuffed w/hypoallergenic fiberfill