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3-Minute Bedtime Devotions For Little Hearts

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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3-Minute Bedtime Devotions for Little Hearts draws children, ages 5 and up, into God's Word and plants His wisdom and inspiration in their hearts and minds, creating a strong foundation for a faith-filled life. Each of the 180 bedtime readings includes. . . Minute 1: a just-right-sized, easy-to-understand scripture selection Minute 2: an inspiring, relatable, devotional reading Minute 3: a sweet bedtime prayer-starter Touching on topics that are close to kids' hearts--like obedience, courage, forgiveness, joy, God's promises, love, prayer, trust, and more--let 3-Minute Bedtime Devotions for Little Hearts be the link that brings you and your kids together for some spiritual "quality time"!